Why would God cry? 2

Why would God cry? 2

Leanne and I went to church with some old friends of the family. After church we ate lunch together and I asked one of them why he thought Jesus cried in John 11. He said, “Because Jesus was more comfortable being fully human than most of us are.” It struck me how true that was..

Why would God cry?

Why would God cry?

Death is something that I really truly hate. The changes it brought into my family in 1970 with the death of my brother have marked me forever and it is still something against which we all fight daily. My boss, Tom Petty, fights that fight by having as a clear emphasis in his life to be a ‘life giver.’ I… Read more →

Great concert in Philly

I had the chance to go to this jazz concert on sustainability while I was at a missions conference near Philly. What a blast. The composer is a good friend of mine, David Dzubinski. The sound is really great. I think you will really enjoy the concert. They mixed live video with the jazz to get a nice effect. I… Read more →

Christ’s emotions

“Jesus wept” the shortest and one of the most well known verses of the Bible, John 11.35. I have been meditating on it along with all of John 11 for some weeks now. I came across a commentary by a guy who said, “…I reply, there is a wide difference between Christ and us. For the reason why our feelings… Read more →

How God treats men and women: Some dynamics of the story - Lazarus: part 4

How God treats men and women: Some dynamics of the story – Lazarus: part 4

((Date Photographed: 19 June 2007 Description: Cambridge, England: Gonville and Caius College: chapel apse mosaic Jesus teaching Martha about eternal life near the tomb of Lazarus, 1870, by Salviati)) I was not looking for this, which shows how the regular reading of Bible books can help the soul. I am trying to stay very close to the text of this… Read more →

What in the world is synergy?

Last week I attended Elmbrook Church‘s women’s leadership summit called “Synergy.” The focus was on all of us working together to achieve more than any one of us could ever do on our own. That’s what synergy means, and that’s what we need to be doing. At the conference the focus was on cross-generational connection. Up-and-coming leaders need to be… Read more →

worship God in ceaseless tenacity

The phrase, “worship God in ceaseless tenacity” came from the Logos Bible Software web site, the book “An Exposition on Prayer in the Bible: Igniting the Fuel to Flame Our Communication with God” ((You can find it here which by its nature as a book pre-publication sale is transitory.)) I was impressed with the way it expressed the truth of… Read more →

Missionaries and productivity

Missionaries and productivity

“[Software engineers] are the last people whom one can expect to fall in line with a good strategy developed by someone else. As for the good programmers who are in fact supremely capable, there is no reason to expect consensus to form among them. Each programmer thinks his or her idea about what to build and how to build it… Read more →

Some dynamics of the story – Lazarus: John 11.17-32, part 2

In these general observations and questions on Lazarus I am aiming at trying to understand the dynamics of the story, who the people were and what is being said about Jesus. This is part two. Part one is here. The ‘key’ to my comments can be seen in this footnote ((H: History, I: Interpretation, il: illustration, O: Observation, OI: Observation… Read more →