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Amazingly 1 billion people are living outside the country of their birth. There are only 7 billion on the planet. I don’t want to discuss the politics of this (right now 🙂) but it is amazing what this means for starting churches and for helping people become followers of Jesus.

In the video below notice some incredible stuff:

  1. There are people coming from places that do not hear much about Jesus to places where they can hear about Christ in a positive way.
  2. There are people from other religions that become followers of Jesus and start their own churches.
  3. There are people who, after following Jesus, go back to their home country and share Jesus with friends and family
  4. There are some many incredible people traveling all over the planet.

(The narrators and makers of the video are from Scotland, they are great folks and I had a chance to work with them on their latest project about atheism, science, and Christianity.).

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