Ruth and Boaz: a romantic comedy

I was watching an instructional video earlier this week and here’s a soundbite, “The past is like a foreign country, they do things differently there.” – Ben Witherington III

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now that reading the Old Testament is kind of like watching a foreign film. It’s kind of the same thing like from the video.

The plots are all different in their details and are harder to grasp, after all the Old Testament is both history and kind of like a foreign film. I really don’t always get what they are talking about. I mean, the main plot is clear but all the rich details seem to be lost. I guess that’s what is helpful about taking a rest from all the types of stories that we tell in America. At least taking a rest will help me not read American story plots into Old Testament stories.

I decided if I didn’t make the effort I could turn the story of Ruth and Boaz into a romantic comedy. Enter Owen Williams and Rachel McAdams, or Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.  But that’s what people do. Here’s just one illustration, Sixty Acres and a Bride available from Bethany House. I know, shocking.


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