Missional: Person rather than plan (incarnation)

“One of my frustrations in church world has always been that leaders seem to always be seeking a plan rather than a person.” – Perry Noble from his blog post “Seeing HIM Makes It Clearer!!!

Perry goes on to say, “We want to know ‘how’ to make things grow! We come up with cool series titles. We brainstorm how to increase attendance. We come up with strategies for success in regards to seeing the charts go up and to the right…” He is not saying that he’s against programs just for Jesus-led programs.

But I think he does not go far enough. Perry wants to see us make our program based on what Jesus wants. Kind of a What Would Jesus Program (WWJP)  kind of thing. That is super, but it needs to be What Would The Body Of Christ That Is Our Missional Community Do In Our Context (WWTBOCTIOMC-LOL) kind of thing. I say ‘context’ and not ‘local’ because our context can include the interests of our missional community to serve Christ non-locally.

My point is, however, that if we focus on WWJP then we are thinking mostly of the Jesus in the robe with the sandals doing His Father’s will with passion. He is our example and our Savior. However, Jesus has made our context different than what His disciples had while He walked the earth. We are now His body on the earth and so the two WW should be followed by BOC or Body Of Christ since we are His hands and feet now. He filled us with His Spirit, gave us the gifts and the gifted so that we, in our context, could live out His life for people here.  We live His life for Every Person (Live H.E.L.P.) in our context.

The missional community or church should have programs that give expression and yield the fruit of our collective applied gifts in our context..

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    haha, dad, you’re dislexic. you can delete this after, if you want, but
    Life for
    is “H.L.E.P.”
    did you re-organize the words or something?

  2. kate
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    also, for the record, no that is NOT all that I got out of this post. =)

  3. Paul
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    Thanks for the laugh this morning Kate. I did not even notice. I think your mom actually read it as well and did not notice.
    In what language would H.E.L.P. be an acceptable word order? 🙂

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