Klingon Bible…oddest thing I’ve seen today

This is the oddest thing I’ve seen today. It is still early, about 8:30AM so things could change but wow, I had no idea that evangelists had traveled to the Klingon empire. When did Wycliffe Bible Translators make it there? My geeky friend Jeff Jansen who works with Wycliffe (hear a sermon from him here in Singapore) might know about this translation and who made it but…wow.

klingon_bible Here you can see it for yourself..

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  1. qurgh
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    Just to let you know, the KLV of the Bible, made by Mr Klingon, isn’t a translation. It’s simply the output from a computer program that did a massive “find and replace” on the English text. As you can see from your sample image, there are a bunch of “the”s that didn’t get replaced because Klingon doesn’t have an article that takes the place of “the”.

    This work doesn’t preserve the original meaning of the text. As an example the first sentence you have means:

    Daq the tagh ghaHta’ the mu’
    It begins place’s the, he accomplishes being him, The’s word

  2. PaulD
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    Qurgh, Thanks for the clarification. Its appreciated. I’ve been a fan of StarTrek since the first episode through to today.

  3. kate
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    well, that’s as may be… but according to my linguistics prof, there’s actually a group of people that banded together to make a colony that speaks only clingon… and are/were raising children that speake it as their native language.

  4. PaulD
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    That is pretty amazing. Here is a link to the fellow who created the Klingon Language: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Okrand Pretty interesting work done by a linguist.

  5. stephy
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    That’s crazy, I know some people who will love that, I’m sending it to them now! 🙂

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