Wow! Prosperity!

early morningIn the cool of this morning’s two mile jaunt it dawned on me: True prosperity is the result of walking in God’s Spirit (Galatians 5:22-25). Prospering, for me, is the positive weaving together of all the threads of my life. So if I have love for others and others love for me, if I have joy and there is peace in my life, my relationships and if I have patience even while driving and especially with the people around me, if I can be kind and good and faithful not to mention being gentle and self-controlled with those who really need it then, well then I would have a prosperous life. All the threads of my life would be woven into a positive whole. Can you imagine the contentment of no guilt because you really were kind to others and had self-control keeping your mouth shut when it should be…regarding words and the tempting piece of chocolate cake? I mean wow, that would be a prosperous and freeing feeling. Anyway, those were my thoughts in the cool of the morning today..

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