Shock at coming in contact with God

I am meditating through (odd way to think about meditation) the stories of Jesus recorded in John’s gospel chapter 6. One of them is where Jesus is walking on the water and walks up to the disciples as they are rowing across the lake. Obviously they are freaked out and he says: “It is I; be not afraid.

One of the people who wrote about thier thoughts on this said, “This is the gospel message of peace, on the ground–the simple ground–“It is I.” Christ’s presence is peace to the soul. How often has he to speak this word of encouragement, even to his own! almost always when they are brought suddenly, or in an unusual way, face to face with him!” (B. W. Johnson, Peoples NT)

Now, I thought it was funny that he says “on the ground” when Jesus was on the water but I know he meant, ‘on the basis of’ and not on the ground. What hit me though was that in the middle of difficulty sometimes Jesus will show up and give us a solution or offer His help and what he offers scares us. But there is no need to fear when Jesus offers us a way out..

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