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missionalliving1“Evangelism exists because missional living does not.” (via @GradyBauer) and
“Jesus was the ultimate missionary. Left Heaven for Earth. To not be missional & leave comfort is to be unlike God. Ungodly” @lecrae (see here)

These two tweets dominated the ‘missional twitterverse’ over the last two days.

I would like to add these two good things: Check out the Re-Cap of Missional Community Gathering Seattle Stories and the full quot from Grady Bauer above.

Evangelism exists because missional living does not.  That is to say, Evangelism–as a system or pitch–exists because missional living–living the daily life of a follower of Jesus–does not exist.  Since missional living does not exist, we live with the reality of vast lostness living in close proximity to the church.  The result is that there is now a need for those who are on a church campus to go off campus to proclaim what they believe.  They must proclaim since they are not living it out visibly before the world.  There is a disconnect between their life and their message.  This makes the message appear as a shameless ploy to try to fix the shortcoming of not living out the faith in and before the world.

Now Grady got that from Rastis here and it is worth the time to read. It’s called “christian mugging (aka bait-and-switch: the struggle for relevance {aka the dangers of an evangelism program at your church})”.

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    Thanks for the post and the tweets.

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