Paradigms shifts are hard…even when they make sense

I am reading a book called The Tangible Kingdom: Creating Incarnational Community The Posture and Prcatices of Ancient Church Now. (Website here)In the eighth chapter, they are short chapters, the authors contrast some life situations with the way many folks do church today. He says:

“Do you ever wonder why a battered wife stays with her husband? Why people continue to spend money they don’t have even though they know they are deeply in debt? Why some keep jamming food in their mouths when they’re already overweight? Why do people stay in bad relationships? Why are some people still racist? Why do people still drink and drive? You’d think the response to all these things would be obvious and cause them to scream, “Duh, of course I need to change this.” Why do we keep doing church the same way even when we know it’s in critical decline? Why do paid church leaders spend so much time preparing for a 90-minute service for Christians who have heard it all before? Why do we still call our message the good news when it clearly seems to be bad news or no news to Sojourners? Why do we think Pharisees are only found in the Bible? Why is returning to a simpler form of ancient church so hard to grasp? Why don’t we change when we know we must?” p. 59

That is pretty hard to answer.

(Hat tip to Tall Skinny Kiwi).

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