Seven deadly sins American Holiday style

Hieronymus Boschs The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things.
Hieronymus Bosch's The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things.

Walking along the buffet table with the extended family loading up my plate I thought, “Wow, this the glutton’s holiday.” So I said to my father-in-law, “I wonder how many American Holidays we can connect to the seven deadly sins. We have Thanksgiving for gluttony.” He shot back with, we have labor day for sloth. My sister-in-law said that self centered pride would be birthdays. Bro-in-law: Halloween would be murder. Greed would be Christmas; lust, valentine’s day. Someone said that a twisted pride could be twisted patriotism on July 4th. That leaves Envy…..which holiday could that be? We did not get there because someone said that it was a really dark conversation on such a happy day….maybe you can come up with a holiday for it.

1. Lust: Valentine’s day
2. Gluttony: Thanksgiving
3. Greed: Christmas
4. Sloth: Labor Day
5. Wrath: Halloween
6. Envy: ?
7. Pride: Birthdays or twisted July 4th

Someone who was not in the brainstorming sin session asked, “what are you doing?” and my Father-in-law replied, “Trying to remember the seven deadly sins.” Truth is, we were all over the map with other sins not really knowing which ones belonged on the list.

I figured that they came from some place in Proverbs so this morning I looked them up.  No, they don’t come from there. The almost authoritative Wikipedia says this about the sins and Proverbs 6:16-19: “While there are seven of them, these sins are considerably different in outward appearance from the seven deadly sins list that arose later. The only sin which is clearly on both lists is pride. “Hands that shed innocent blood” could be taken to refer to wrath.” It continues on to say, “there is no where in the Bible where the traditional “seven deadly sins” are located or listed, although they are all condemned in various parts, along with several others. These “deadly sins” are not necessarily worse than any others that are listed. The New Testament shows that it only takes one sin, which is an act of disobeying God’s law, to separate man from a perfect God, placing him in need of redemption and salvation.”.

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