emotionally intelligent…gospel?

This is a great video about emotionally intelligent signs…it is a bit slow at first but hang in there and you will find it all worth the wait. Then read on in the blog.

So, I was reading Daniel Pink’s blog looking for some more info on his book “A Whole New Mind” which I am enjoying and bumped into this video. The story starts with the blind man sitting and silently begging. His sign reads “have compassion on my I am blind” and he is not getting any money from those passing by. Then the ad agent or business man walks by and changes his sign to “Today is a beautiful day, and I cannot see it.”

The sign encourages empathy. The man wanted to do that with the first sign but missed the mark because he told them what to do. The second sign was better because it reached out to the people passing by so that they felt the man’s need.

Daniel Pink says that signs that are more effective either encourage empathy or demonstrate empathy. So, in today’s world what do you think would be a gospel that encourages response because it demonstrates empathy?

Maybe it is ‘missional‘ maybe it is like the P.E.A.C.E plan..

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