LEAD in the Church for The City Conference

LEAD in the Church For the City Conference This sounds like a great conference! LEAD in the Church for the City begins by saying, “Doing ministry in the new global cities is not an easy task. Sure, rural and suburban areas present their own unique challenges, but often it’s the city leader who feels alone in the most influential centers of our world. You are called to stay: to reach non-traditional people and to connect with the new artistic and economic elite, most of whom care nothing for the church. You are faced with corruption in the local political system; you see decay around you every day. In the middle of this, you are called to actually make a dent for good in the larger social fabric… certainly no easy feat.

“What does it mean to love your city? What does it mean to “reach” your city in truly transformational ways?” ((Quote from Acts29 Network ))

So, the focus of the conference in St. Louis, MO on October 20-22 “will be on the theological and practical implications of ministry in an urban context.”

If I were going to be in the country during that time I would go…may be you should. Sign up here.


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