¿Zero giving in Spain?

They say that Spaniards do not give much money to support their pastors and missionaries. I thought, well, maybe that is true but what about the rest of Europe? Then through a friend of mine, Lee Behar, I found an article, “Private Philanthropy’s Global Reach” and found that there is really no private philanthropy in Spain…none in Sweden either.

This represents a big issue for us in Spain as we try to send missionaries out from our churches and support institutions like Bible Schools (which could use your support).

Now, I must say that this does not mean that the people in our Spanish evangelical churches are not giving. Private philanthropy is one thing and personal giving is another. There is giving and some of it is very sacrificial. It is also my experience that when there is a physical need in Africa or in the Americas, people give quite happily.

On the other hand I know of at least five Spanish missionaries that get a good portion of their funding from the US because it was ‘impossible’ to be fully funded from Spanish sources. This is a matter of much concern and prayer. The Spanish evangelicals have a unique and very important part to play in world missions. I am impressed by them and amazed at what God is doing through them for His kingdom.

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