Renovare Conference Quotes Atlanta May ’08

At the last minute I ran off to the Renovaré conference in Atlanta. It was an interesting experience. I thought I would give you some of the great quotes from my notes:

Ken Boa who has authored over 70 books on Apologetics, the Spiritual life and much more said,

“If you are not content with what you have you won’t be content with what you want.”
“Spiritual formation is gradual: years of making small choices in favor of God’s will. This is called the spirituality of small steps.”
A little sleep a little slumber a little folding of the hands…”And thus we deceive ourselves by the smallness of our surrenders”
“The key to gratitude is remembering. Forgetfulness always leads to ingratitude.”

Richard Foster, who is much older now than in this old picture, had a pony tail that went down to the middle of his back. He found that he had some Native American heritage and so grew out his hair. In any case, he said,

“Prayer is a way to love another person.”
He also said something like, ‘It would be wonderful to be so connected to God in prayer that to see another person would be to pray for them.’

Dallas Willard said a great deal about grace and tried to widen our concept of grace to include more than just salvation. He said,

“You would have needed grace if you had never sinned.”
“Salvation is being involved in what Jesus is doing on earth now.”
People talk about being at the end of themselves or ‘at the end of their rope.’ Willard said that “God’s address is at the end of your rope.”

I very much enjoyed the conference. Great book from Boa is Conformed to His Image, Biblical and Practical Approaches to Spiritual Formation. A number of his friends that I spoke with say that it is his best book.

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