What makes German Culture Special

from Der SpiegelIn the Der Spiegel Online today I found an article about what Germans believe, hope and fear. Fascinating. The first graphic is on the left but there is much more. Freedom of expression is an incredibly high value for them. Over 90% of men and women thought this.

Less than half believe in life after death (48% of women and only 32% of men) But, as my friend Andreas Wolf says, “believe it or no: 100% believe in death after life!”

Their dream car is an Audi A4…and I must confess I understand why.

But they only work 192 days out of the year while in the USA we work about 238 days…that gives them much more time to drive the Audi A4….and my jealousy could begin to rise 🙂

And lastly, it was not surprising to me that relationships and friendships have the most importance in the lives of Germans. They believe in faithfulness and in love.

There are a lot of things we could stereotypically say about Germans and there are lots of jokes that cover those stereotypes but, as always, these are not really true.

I have found them as well as the Austrians to be a wonderful people who put emphasis on friendship and are trying to find their way in a significantly changing world.

Now…let us work to see the kingdom of God and the salvation of Jesus be more important to this significant people.

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  1. andiwolf
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    i confirm your most important observation about germans: i, too, would love to drive Audi A4, even better Audi TT 😀

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