Live life to its fullest whatever age you are!

I just finished chatting with a friend. “I don’t like my new glasses,” I said. They are progressives…that is what you are suppose to say. Progressives, by their very existence on your nose, mean that the wearer is getting old and useless. However, the truth is they mean that the wearer is happier and lives live with more ease.

I really like my progressive glasses. It is quite fun to be able to see clearly at any moment, at any distance. I have missed it and really did not like carrying around two pair of glasses. I always forgot one and would end up either reading a restaurant menu with my arms fully extended or driving my car knowing that I should slow down to let the little moving blob of color get across what I believed to be a road.

Live life to its fullest whatever age you are!

I am not even 50 yet but see those around me who are retiring at 65. I know people with replaced knees, and folks who seem quite fine at 77. Jesus said that he came to give life and that abundantly…he did not limit that to any specific age bracket.

Live life to its fullest! ‘Fullest’ does not mean the same that it did when I was 23 but that does not mean that in my almost half century that ‘fullest’ has ceased to exist. The thought makes me laugh. Life is so incredibly full and the possibilities for the future, though they have changed from my 20s, still number like the stars. Jesus has made life good…and even nicer with progressives.

I am passing this on to you because Leanne found an article that said, “Middle-age is truly depressing” from Yahoo! News. Here is the link if you want to read it: Middle-age is truly depressing, study finds.

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