Simple Organic Pagan Christianity for the emerging church

I really like this discussion about the simple church, organic church, emerging church etc. The best quote so far for me was from John La Grou who in his review of Pagan Christianity said:

“We have institutionalized, centralized, formalized, stratified, professionalized, academized, and mega-fied something that was intended to remain organic, holistic, distributed, participative, fluid, and deeply communal.”

My challenge is to adapt these things to Southern Europe. There are a number of people doing a wonderful job in Northern and Central Europe: Phil Kingsley, Andrew Jones, Marc van der Woude and others, a lot of others. Even some of the 24/7 boiler rooms are spinning off simple churches. I have met with people in a couple of European countries who God is using in great ways to reach out to people where they are. The challenge is to do the same kind of thing in the south. How will it look?.

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