Tribe time

Missionaries go to tribes…well European missionaries…we don’t go to tribes in the traditional sense. That is true but, you know, we all have our tribe. And Leanne and I have ours. Our tribe is made of missionaries who have lived in both American and European cultures. That mix of perspectives and experiences make a ‘people group.’

We just got back from spending time with the tribe in Colorado Springs. Greater Europe Mission puts on a retreat for all its missionaries who have just come back from Europe. We have to go every four years and it is a good time of renewal. Lots of good food, sharing from the heart and from the Scriptures.

There are some ‘former’ tribe members that we got to hang out with too. Jim and Glenda are great folks who spent time in Belgium and France helping out with various things. They both work in business and were helpful to us all. Since we were in their territory they took us out for pizza, the best we have had since coming back to the US. It was good to connect again. Thanks Jim and Glenda..

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