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from the phone

Using CellSpin for the first time. CellSpin ( looks like a great way to update your blog from your smartphone. So, I took this picture from my cellphone and it automagically put it on the web into my blog and into CellSpin. It worked! Kind of fun. Uploaded by

Astounding! what Passion!

I found this story of two German college age men to be amazing! Astounding really. They sold themselves into slavery so they could take the good news of Jesus to a group of 3000 slaves. They really challenge me. If you want more info on the Moravian movement and how it is effecting us today you can start here: Continual… Read more →

Visual Search: Quintura

I am having some fun looking at visual search. There is Google, which is great for quick searches. But I have been looking for a way to search using visual methods. Here is Quintura’s beta. It looks interesting to me. Just hover your mouse over one of the words in the search and it will display the top links below…. Read more →

like a good Christmas card

like a good Christmas card

You read your Christmas cards like I do, I look for something personal, something that makes the ‘Merry’ of Christmas a pleasant smile. The cards mostly follow a form, merry or happy something. Sometimes ‘bah humbug’ something, but that is a different Christmas card. I was reading the start of a letter that is in the Bible today. It was… Read more →

Christian Mystic Poetry…wow

Reading Andreas Wolf’s blog this morning I followed his link to a book of poetry: Meditations from Mechthild of Magdeburg.  I do not know a lot about her life but some of her poetry was encouraging to me this morning. She lived three hundred years before the Reformation in the city of Magdeburg, Germany. Here are two of her poems… Read more →

My favorite…’new shoes’

I enjoyed the video below. It is music and the text on the screen comes from my favorite chapter, Colossians 3. It starts like this: 3:1 Therefore, if you have been raised with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. 3:2 Keep thinking about things above, not things on the earth,… Read more →

Naked tree sky

Naked tree sky

This is the sky I saw as Anna and I walked out the door this morning. Frost was everywhere and although it took me five minutes or so to scrape the car windows I enjoyed it very much.  I love to see the intricacy of branches in the winter sky. It reminds me how complicated life can be but also… Read more →

Seven deadly sins American Holiday style

Walking along the buffet table with the extended family loading up my plate I thought, “Wow, this the glutton’s holiday.” So I said to my father-in-law, “I wonder how many American Holidays we can connect to the seven deadly sins. We have Thanksgiving for gluttony.” He shot back with, we have labor day for sloth. My sister-in-law said that self… Read more →