“change” on steroids”

LOL… I like to read things about innovation so when I saw the Business Week article Top Ten Innovation Mistakes I had to go read it. It all makes sense but I had to laugh out loud when I read, “We don’t live in a world of change, we live in a world of crisis. It’s “change” on steroids”…” It made me laugh because it is so real…that is how I feel about the changes I have been seeing wherever I look. The quote goes on “and its impact on us is greater than at any other time in a century. We are living through an energy crisis, a technology crisis, a political crisis, an economic crisis, a food crisis, a demographic crisis, a terrorist crisis–all overlapping and happening at the same time. How to manage in constant crisis mode is the critical management problem of our era.”

This crisis is true in the evangelical communities of Europe and the USA as well. Just to name a few: organic church, emerging church, immigrant churches, politically non-conservative US evangelicals, Bill Hybels confession that ‘seeker churches’ are ineffective for deep discipleship, and the list goes on.

We feel a lot of change on a personal and family level when we come back to the US to live. We have been away for four years now and are back for a long work related trip. The changes we see in our country and in ourselves also sometimes reach the crisis level. How to manage change (crisis) “is the critical management problem of our era.”.

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