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IdeaMason Source from the WebIdeaMason is what you need to manage and use your ideas and research in powerful new ways.” I have been using the software now for a couple of months and it is true. When Leanne was writing her doctoral project we were looking for some software to help with formatting all her bibliographic and citation material. That is when we bumped into IdeaMason.

We evaluated probably seven different things for both the desktop and web 2.0 stuff. In the end the one that worked for us was IdeaMason.

If you are in school, do a lot of speaking or writing then I would highly recommend it for you as well. I use it mostly to capture ideas, support them with sources and to capture important illustrations and articles from the internet. It helps you properly cite them as well. If I hear a quote or get a great idea I put it into IdeaMason. You can define your own categories and tag all your ideas, quotes, books, web sites, blog entries, etc. Its easy to search for them later and include them in something else.

I use it to write Bible studies, papers, blog entries and even sermons.

IdeaMason Citation InformationOne of the great things I was able to do was import all of my Logos bibliographic data into IdeaMason. If you want to know how I did it then just drop me a note. It was not hard. That gave me almost 900 perfectly formatted source data. I can then drag and drop the citations into my ideas and it will footnote them correctly and build a bibliography for me. Great stuff and all properly formatted.

The software works great with vista and is easy to work with. It can get pretty sophisticated breaking your work into projects and activities but I have not gone that far with it just yet.

One person reviewed IdeaMason and said,

…I have to say I really love it. It stores bibliography citations like several applications do, but the best thing is that it allows you write extensively, map sources to your ideas or quotes, and then organize your writing with an outliner. When you send the outline/content to Word, it automatically puts in the citations, creates the bibliography, etc. (see the whole quick review here)


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    I have been looking at using IdeaMason, but I was unable to successfully import all my records. I followed all the instructions in the videos for exporting and then importing, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I sen them this question, but hey have not replied to me yet. Can you offer any tips?

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