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“Jesus wept” the shortest and one of the most well known verses of the Bible, John 11.35. I have been meditating on it along with all of John 11 for some weeks now. I came across a commentary by a guy who said,

“…I reply, there is a wide difference between Christ and us. For the reason why our feelings are sinful is, that they rush on without restraint, and suffer no limit ((go unchecked or are not properly guided)) ; but in Christ the feelings were adjusted and regulated in obedience to God, and were altogether free from sin.”

He continues on to say,

To express it more fully, the feelings of men are sinful and perverse on two accounts; first, because they are hurried along by impetuous motion, and are not regulated by the true rule of modesty; and, secondly, because they do not always arise from a lawful cause, or, at least, are not directed to a lawful end. I say that there is excess, because no person rejoices or grieves, so far only as is sufficient, or as God permits, and there are even some who shake themselves loose from all restraint. The vanity of our understanding brings us grief or sadness, on account of trifles, or for no reason whatever, because we are too much devoted to the world. Nothing of this nature was to be found in Christ; for he had no passion or affection of his own that ever went beyond its proper bounds; he had not one that was not proper, and founded on reason and sound judgment. ((This is a quote from John Calvin’s commentary on the gospel of John. You can find it here))

I am impressed by the balance here. If I am capturing his idea, he is saying that we are to have emotion and have it strongly but these emotions must be adjusted and regulated in obedience to God as Jesus’ were. Oh for the strength of character to have this be true for me!.

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