What in the world is synergy?

Last week I attended Elmbrook Church‘s women’s leadership summit called “Synergy.” The focus was on all of us working together to achieve more than any one of us could ever do on our own. That’s what synergy means, and that’s what we need to be doing. At the conference the focus was on cross-generational connection. Up-and-coming leaders need to be walking with older leaders who can mentor them. And established leaders need to be walking with up-and-comings to be in touch with the needs of a younger generation.

I was struck by the fact that really, the idea of synergy should permeate ALL of life. It’s not just a generational thing. Christian ministry in the twenty-first century is about crossing previously held boundaries to connect with people of every age and nationality, of different races and backgrounds. It’s about men and women working together for the spread of the good news of Jesus. It’s about the church becoming a place where all are welcome to come together and worship the living God. It’s about including each person’s spiritual gifts for the good of everyone. It’s about not thinking too well or too little of ourselves (Rom 12:3), but connecting all of us to function as a body, the body of Jesus on earth now. That’s what synergy is all about..

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