Plurality and truth

M. C. Escher’s Picture of RelativityIn our professional lives we have moved over 20 times, on two continents and four countries. To think of all of the perspectives and prejudices we have seen is almost too much to think about. The variation is enormous. Jesus, talking to some leaders, said this:

“He who is of God hears the words of God; for this reason you do not hear them, because you are not of God.” (John 8.47)

What Jesus says here is an ‘every day truth’ applied to the specific situation of the first century Jewish leadership and Jesus.

Our prejudice, bias and or perspectives as well as our culture and our lack of experience hide truth from us. For the leaders with whom Jesus spoke it was their spiritual allegiance that kept them from seeing the truth.

This truth, that truth is hidden from us is why we are in the postmodern world. I cannot agree more that this ‘everyday truth’ is a reality. But with this I also affirm that there is a real truth. It is the perspective of the maker of all things; it is the opinion of the immutable God, Jesus, Holy Spirit.

Can we know truth, this real truth? After living in four countries and working in five, after learning two languages and speaking to the rich and the refugee the executive and the blue collar worker I can say yes, yes it is possible to know this real truth.

I have seen people from all of these places, perspectives, cultures and experiences come to know Jesus as personal savior and Lord. Do they all express their relationship with Jesus in the same way? No. They have a different spin on many things, different ways that their apply the Bible to their lives and different ways of expressing their worship of Jesus. But they all love Him, believe in His sacrificial death on the cross, His resurrection and they deeply try to express their love for Him through their obedience to Him. They adopt Him as truth. They are of God.

Jesus has followers from almost every culture on the earth today. Thousands of languages are daily, hourly used in prayer to and in the worship of Jesus. I know no other religion or philosophy that can say this. A core truth, a meta narrative that is a person: Jesus.

Take a look at some Christian ways of approaching all of this by C. Michael Patton.

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    Good Post. Sometimes we get so caught up in the mechanics of our faith, that we start to think any deviation from those mechanics must not be “real” faith. Whether it’s the style of dress, style of worship, music, prayer, meeting structure, language, culture, convictions, we look at the outside image and not the root of faith–JESUS. Thanks for pointing out the validity of diversity with the Body of Christ.

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