Happy Joy John 6.44

I am quite taken with this, that God the Father draws us to Himself through Christ. That He pursues us, that He, with bonds of love, makes our arrival at the side of Jesus not just possible nor probable but inevitable.

Through out the book of John he says that God has given certain ones to Jesus and Jesus, for His part, has not lost them. In the midst of many statements of faith and unbelief that are in the book it is clear that John is saying “No one can receive anything unless it has been given to him from heaven.” (Jn 3.27). He says this of authority as here in 3.27 and also in regard to the choosing and keeping of the disciples (Jn 17.12 and Jn 18.9 “Of those whom You have given Me I lost not one.”)

HappyI know that this is the age old controversy of determinism and predestination against free will. However, I really only want, this morning, to enjoy the comfort of being chosen and drawn to Jesus. Just as one enjoys good friends while watching a game or working together but does not think of those who are lonely and without friends so now, at this moment, I want to focus on what is enjoyable. When you are relaxing on vacation you do not waste hours worrying about those back at work slaving away. This is how I want to bask in the peace and love of being drawn to Jesus. I do not want to think of the frustration of theological and philosophical debate nor do I wish to think of those who are lost without Jesus…that is all for another moment.

Now, this morning, is the time to lift a smiling face toward heaven and pray with deep gratitude of heart and happy joy.

( Technical notes from the NET Bible from “Happy Joy John 6.44″).

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